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Raising the Floor and Lifting The Ceiling: Math For All
Raising the Floor and Lifting The Ceiling: Math For All (Slides)
2012 IGTC Summit: Prof. Steve Krone (Part I)
2012 IGTC Summit: Prof. Steve Krone (Part II)
24th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry Proceedings
Timed automata: models, languages, dynamics
Multidimensional Effective Subshifts
Characterizing some limit sets of Cellular Automata
A maximal entropy stochastic process for a timed automaton
Pisot numeration systems and beyond
Markov diagrams for some non-Markovian systems
Markov Random Fields and the Pivot Property
A categorical invariant of flow equivalence of shifts
Entropy of tree automata, joint spectral radii and zero-error coding
µ - Equicontinuity and weak convergence in zero-dimensional spaces
k-block versus 1-block parallel addition in non-standard numeration systems
Characterizing possible typical asymptotic behaviours of cellular automata
Computability in Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamics
Regular Splicing Languages
Contextfreeness in Symbolic Dynamics
Expansion subshifts of Mobius number systems
Conjugacy of Functional Transducers
Auto-similarity in rational base number systems
Shifts of nite type with nearly full entropy
Subshifts of linear complexity and subgroups of finite index of free groups
Local Rules for Computable Planar Tilings
Conjugacy and equivalence of weighted automata
Symbolic covers of toral automorphisms
Entropy minimality of Zd shifts of nite type
Hardness of Conjugacy, Embedding and Factorization in multidimensional SFTs
"Con uence" in Ito-Sadahiro number systems
A characterization of p-automatic sequences as columns of linear cellular automata
Strong shift equivalence of matrices over a ring
Splitting of Abelian varieties
The state-of-the-art in hyperelliptic curve cryptography
Explicit isogenies and endomorphisms of low-genus Jacobians: theory and applications
WCATSS Problem Set 1
WCATSS Problem Set 2
WCATSS Problem Set 3
WCATSS Problem Set 4
WCATSS Problem Set 5
Verlinde Algebra
Duality Notes
Financial System Architecture
Over the Counter Markets
Khovanov homology
Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability
From Euler to Born and Infeld, Fluids and Electromagnetism