Video Content by Date - 2018

Title Speaker Date
Paradoxes of the Infinite: Classic Themes and Recent Results Paolo Mancosu May 12, 2018
Statistical and Data Science Nancy Reid Jan 17, 2018
Multiplicative Complexity of Cryptographic Functions Joan Boyer Oct 18, 2018
Optimizing Biogas Generation Using Anaerobic Digestion Gail Wolkowicz Nov 27, 2018
Inversions for reduced words Sami Assaf Nov 8, 2018
The KPZ fixed point Jeremy Quastel Oct 19, 2018
The Topology of Azumaya Algebras Ben Williams Oct 12, 2018
Symmetry, bifurcation, and multi-agent decision-making Naomi Leonard Oct 1, 2018
Integers in many-body quantum physics Sven Bachmann Sep 28, 2018
Birational geometry and algebraic cycles Burt Totaro Sep 14, 2018
Using mathematics to fight cancer Ami Radunskaya Aug 13, 2018
Class Numbers of Certain Quadratic Fields Kalyan Chakraborty Jul 5, 2018
BCData 2018 Career Panel Bernard Chan, Soyean Kim, Michael Reid, Parin Shah, Aanchan Mohan Jun 6, 2018
Quantifying Gerrymandering: A mathematician goes to court Jonathan Christopher Mattingly May 28, 2018
Sato-Tale groups and automorphy for nongeneric genus 2 curves Andrew Booker May 10, 2018
The Mathematics of Social Evolution Troy Day, Dave McLeod Mar 22, 2018
Philosophy of Mathematics as a Design Science Jeremy Avigad Mar 15, 2018
Models for the Spread of Cholera Pauline van den Driessche Jan 18, 2018
Some specialization problems in Geometry and Number Theory Umberto Zannier Mar 2, 2018
Reconfiguration of Triangulations of a Planar Point Set Anna Lubiw Feb 15, 2018