Lecture Video Content by Subject Area

Title Speaker Date
Alan Turing and the Decision Problem Richard Zach 2012-01-24 15
Turing's Real Machines Michael R. Williams 2012-02-28 16
Alan Turing and Enigma John R. Ferris 2012-03-27 16
Turing and Intelligent Machines Nicole Wyatt 2012-12-04 10
Alan Turing, the Politics of Sexual Science, and the Making of a Gay Icon Chris Waters 2012-11-06 11
How Does Google Google? The Math Behind the Internet Margot Gerritsen 2013-01-17 (All day)
How Does Google Google? Margot Gerritsen 2013-01-17 (All day)
Cryptography: Secrets and Lies, Knowledge and Trust Avi Wigderson 2013-03-07 (All day)
Sparse - Dense Phenomena Jaroslav Nesetril 2014-02-28 (All day)
High Dimensional Expanders and Ramanujan Complexes Alexander Lubotzky 2014-09-19 (All day)
High dimensional expanders and Ramanujan complexes Alexander Lubotzky 2014-09-19 (All day)
The Mathematics of Lattice-based Cryptography Jill Pipher 2015-03-13 (All day)
Sparsity, Complexity and Practicality in Symbolic Computation Mark Giesbrecht 2016-03-17 (All day)
PIMS-SFU 20th Anniversary Celebration: Nataša Pržulj - Data Driven Medicine Nataša Pržulj 2016-11-25 (All day)