Lecture Video Content by Subject Area

Title Speaker Date
Discrete Stochastic Simulation of Spatially Inhomogeneous Biochemical Systems Linda Petzold 2009-07-07 15
Warming Caused by Cumulative Carbon Emissions: the Trillionth Tonne Myles Allen 2007-08-08 16
Introduction to Marsden & Symmetry Alan Weinstein 2011-07-20 15
Virtual Lung Project at UNC: What's Math Got To Do With It? Gregory Forest 2011-03-18 10
Min Protein Patter Formation William Carlquist 2011-07-14 11
Memory Induced Animal Movement Patterns Ulrike Schlaegel 2011-07-14 11
Life History Variations and the Dynamics of Structured Populations Romain Richard 2011-07-14 11
Modeling Spotting in Wildland Fire Jonathan Martin 2011-07-14 11
The Broughton Archipeligo Monitoring Program Stephanie Peacock 2011-07-15 11
Patterns of Social Foraging Leah Keshet 2011-07-15 11
Brains and Frogs: Structured Population Models Kerry Landman 2011-07-16 11
Hugh C. Morris Lecture: George Papanicolaou George Papanicolaou 2011-11-07 16
Optimal transportation with capacity constraints Robert McCann 2012-08-22 16
Multisector matching with cognitive and social skills: a stylized model for education, work and marriage Robert McCann 2012-09-24 17
Mathematics of Crime Andrea L. Bertozzi 2012-09-19 14
The Causes of Crime and the Practical Limits of Crime Control Jeff Brantingham 2012-09-19 15
The Shape of Data Gunnar Carlsson 2012-09-19 15
Quasilinear systems and residential burglary Raul Manasevich 2012-09-19 17
Quasilinear systems and residential burglary Raul Manasevich 2012-09-19 11
The Stability of Steady-State Hot-Spot Patterns for Reaction-Diffusion Models of Urban Crime Michael Ward 2012-09-19 12
Security and Game Theory: Key Algorithmic Principles, Deployed Applications, Lessons Learned Milind Tambe 2012-09-20 12
Crime hot-spots with or without Levi Flights Theodore Kolokolnikov 2012-09-20 18
Point Process Methods for Crime Hotspots George Mohler 2012-11-02 10
Population dynamics and cellular automata for the description of criminality M. Primicerio 2012-09-20 10
Predicting Criminal Incidents Using Geographic, Demographic, and Twitter-derived Information Donald E. Brown 2012-09-20 11
An Octahedral Gem Hidden in Newton's Three Body Problem (2012 Marsden Memorial Lecture) Richard Montgomery 2012-07-25 14
Pumps, Maps and Pea Soup: Spatio-temporal methods in environmental epidemiology Gavin Shaddick 2013-01-03 16
A Computational Mathematician Combusts Margot Gerritsen 2013-01-18 (All day)
Strong Oracle Optimality of Folded Concave Penalized Estimation Jianqing Fan 2013-05-23 (All day)
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together I Ivar Ekeland 2013-07-15 (All day)
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together II Ivar Ekeland 2013-07-17 (All day)
Oceans and Multiplicative Ergodic Theorems Anthony Quas 2014-03-25 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 1 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-21 (All day)
Contingent Capital and Financial Networks 1 Paul Glasserman 2014-07-21 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 2 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-22 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 3 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-22 (All day)
Contingent Capital and FInancial Networks 2 Paul Glasserman 2014-07-22 (All day)
Financial Stability 2 Jean-Charles Rochet 2014-07-22 (All day)
Risk Sharing in Over-the-Counter Markets 1 Darrel Duffie 2014-07-23 (All day)