Lecture Notes Content by Subject Area

Title Speaker Date
Torsion invariants of 3-manifolds Vladimir Turayev 2003-01-20 14:00
Cohomology of Quasiperiodic Tilings Franz Gaehler 2002-08-01 11:55
Modelling Aperiodic Solids: Concepts and Properties of Tilings and their Physical Interpretation Franz Gaehler 2002-08-01 12:11
WCATSS Problem Set 1 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 2 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 3 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 4 WCATSS 2014-07-10 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 5 WCATSS 2014-07-11 (All day)
Verlinde Algebra Lee Cohn 2014-07-11 (All day)
Duality Notes
Dominic Culver
Mitchell Faulk
2014-07-07 (All day)
Khovanov homology
Robin Koytcheff
Janis Lazovskis
2014-07-10 (All day)
Decision problems, curvature and topology Martin Birdson 2015-07-07 (All day)
Introduction to the Farrell-Jones Conjecture Wolfgang Lück 2015-07-07 (All day)
Universal torsion, L^2-invariants, polytopes and the Thurston norm Wolfgang Lück 2015-07-02 (All day)
Disconnecting the G_2 Moduli Space Johannes Nordstrom 2015-07-07 (All day)