Local relaxation for FA-1f out of equilibrium

Oriane Blondel
Tue, Jun 12, 2012
PIMS, University of British Columbia
PIMS-MPrime Summer School in Probability
We consider the Fredrickson and Andersen one spin facilitated model (FA1f)on Z^d. Each site with rate one refreshes its occupation variable to a filled or to an empty state with probability p or q=1-p respectively, provided that at least one of its nearest neighbours is empty. We study the non-equilibrium dynamics started from an initial distribution $\nu$ different from the stationary product p-Bernoulli measure $\mu$, which has enough zeros. We then prove local convergence to equilibrium when the vacancy density q is above a proper threshold. The convergence is exponential (d=1) or stretched exponential (d>1). Joint work with N. Cancrini, F. Martinelli, C. Roberto and C. Toninelli.

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