Lecture Video Content by Conference

Title Speaker Type
Cloaking and Transformation Optics Gunther Uhlmann July 6, 16pm Lecture Video
Conformal Invariance and Universality in the... Stalislav Smirnov July 6, 10am Lecture Video
Lagrangian Floer Homology and Mirror Symmetry Kenji Fukaya July 7, 12pm Lecture Video
Linearity in the Tropics Federico Ardila July 7, 13pm Lecture Video
Categorical Crepant Resolutions of Higher... Yujiro Kawamata July 7, 14pm Lecture Video
Discrete Stochastic Simulation of Spatially... Linda Petzold July 7, 15pm Lecture Video
Warming Caused by Cumulative Carbon... Myles Allen August 8, 16pm Lecture Video
Geometry and analysis of low dimensional... Gang Tian August 7, 17pm Lecture Video
On Fourth Order PDEs Modelling Electrostatic... Nassif Ghoussoub July 8, 17pm Lecture Video
Law of Large Number and Central Limit... Shige Peng July 9, 09am Lecture Video
Regular Permutation Groups and Cayley Graphs Cheryl E. Praeger July 10, 11am Lecture Video
Perfect Crystals for Quantum Affine Algebras... Seok-Jin Kang July 10, 12pm Lecture Video